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Staying Positive in these times of lockdown

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Is it difficult to Stay Positive in Light of Negative Daily News?

Regardless of what network we watch, we are being bombarded with negative news. The worst is that one story which keeps on haunting us for a long time after switching off the television. So, what is the remedy? How can we survive in such a negative milieu? Thank god there are certain ways to keep ourselves sane, emotionally, and mentally!! Here are some tips to be followed.

Restricting the intake of news

It is indispensable to regulate the source, extent of news, and type of news you want to consume. You must filter the channels and restrict yourself to the most authentic ones for news and avoid watching and listening to useless debates on television which are communal in nature and uselessly provoke our sentiments and emotions. Moreover, television must be watched prudently and time needs to be invested in doing something which is physically and mentally constructive.

Be open about your feelings

We are all human beings, aren’t we? As human beings, we need emotional support every now and then. Negativity or negative thoughts can be taken care of if we talk about them with someone who has the maturity to handle them properly. By talking with someone, you can get things off your chest and can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

Practice relaxation

Anyone can tell you to relax. But is it easy to be relaxed? No, it is not. You really need to practice to be relaxed. Meditation, massage, and exercise are the solutions. Exercise releases endorphins and promotes relaxation. You need to devise your own relaxation routine and stick to it. Initially, it may feel like drudgery but gradually you would start enjoying it and hence you will be in a better position to chuck out stress, anxiety, and negativity given by the negative news from your life.

Laugh a lot

Laughing kills depression and gloom. Search out for things that make you really happy – and do them every so often. If there is nothing which makes you happy (Really?), you can try watching a funny movie or a comedy show. Even lively and energetic music can be of immense help.

Remember that we cannot control what goes around us and we cannot hide away from the negativity around us. Therefore, the only option left with us is to find out ways to deal with the negativity. Our eventual goal is to achieve happiness and we should concentrate on how to keep ourselves happy. It is important to gravitate towards things that make us feel good. Gradually, being happy becomes a part of our personalities and it’ll be much easier to get back to feeling good when something brings you down.

Prof. Navjot Kaur

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