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Escape Victim Mentality

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Portraying yourself as a victim gets you sympathy, attention and something to talk about! People with victim mentality always feel like they are being singled out and the whole world is out to get them. It is important to step out of the victim mentality comfort zone.

Acknowledge the fact that one has a habit of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Treating trivial issues as a do or die situation creates distress with flight or fight response. Which kick starts the autonomous nervous system resulting in the release of cortisol the stress hormone. Repetitive activation of the stress response and release of the stress hormone takes a toll on the body. Learn to remain calm and in control of your situation at all times helps in over-riding the stress response.

Positive Self talk is a powerful method to shatter the victim mentality. Reminding yourself that you are a strong, capable and an intelligent individual, who has overcome many obstacles in the past and can do so in the present and future.

Being self aware of your emotions where they arise from and how they affect you and the others is another way of dealing with stress. It is possible to increase your EQ (emotional quotient) through training and practice.

So, get rid of the drama and get out of the victim garb to take charge of your life!

Prof. Anuradha Singh

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