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What it takes to become a CA & is it worth it?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

To add to your name the prefix of two golden letters "CA" , to have people addressing you as "CA SAAB" or whispering "HE /SHE is a CA " is definitely one of the highest levels of professional contentment that one can achieve. Yes, you could choose to be a Management Graduate or take a Master's Degree, but what if i tell you,that by putting in a few more years of hard work can make you unravel an even more amazing life package ? 

CA as one of the toughest examinations to crack in India. It is achievable if you have enough dedication to put in your extraordinary hard work. One of the most promising career options for a Commerce Student ! CA opens the doors to a sea of opportunities that no other course offers.

In the ever changing business scenario one thing always remain constant, is the dependence on a financial expert who understands all the Laws of Taxation,f Accounts , Auditing of Units, Banking , Information Systems , Industry Costing , Financial Markets etc because the business world cannot survive without it. 

The ways may change, but this world is a business and it is the COMPLIANCE that runs this business world . And who other than a CA knows these Compliances better?

You are gifted with your skills , but its on you , what choices you make , how you unwrap your package ! If you dream of a life with a reputed social status and dignity enriched with knowledge, CA will get you there! 

The list is long for what this CA course offers you , but the only thing that it demands from you is "WILLPOWER"! The willpower to succeed, to be socially recognized, to be looked at with respect , to be financially stable , & definitely the willpower to put in your sweat and hardwork for just a few years to TURN YOUR LIFE GOLD.

Now is the time to get up for yourself , set some serious goals, bring your life on track , take control of it and BANG ON !  Add some life skills, intelligence and Character to finally become a successful CA ! 

Have A good future ahead

Prof. Anurag Guptaa

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